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    tremate tremate le mie cazzate son tornate!

    venerdì, aprile 16, 2004

    band name origins;
  • My Bloody Valentine
    The same name as a gory slasher horror film in the 80's.
  • Depeche Mode
    Named after a French fashion magazine "Dépêche Mode" read by Vince Clark and Martin Gore - dépêche is the French for a press dispatch.
  • Sex Pistols
    Some of the band members (Jonnhy and Paul I think..) were working in a clothes store called "Sex", and the manager wanted to form a band with his employee and some of their friends for a publicity, so he took "Sex" for his store name, and "Pistols" because it sounded dangerous.
  • Sisters of Mercy
    I know there's the Leonard Cohen song, but Sisters of Mercy are actually named after THE SISTERS OF MERCY, a group/convent of nuns in Leeds, where they come from. I also had a nice old lady start talking to me in a pub in Dublin, because she thought my Sisters of Mercy T-Shirt was to do with the nuns. Very surreal.
  • The Sugarcubes
    The group struggled to come up with a name for a while, and finally one group member said that they should name themselves after the most pointless and absurd thing they could come up with. "The Sugarcubes" were the first name suggested, and it stuck. No LSD connection here.
    Marcus van der Meer
  • the beta band
    because lead singer stephen mason worked in a video production house in the duplication department and made beta video copies all day. he thought this would be his life's calling, but one night while working late he fell asleep waiting for a dub to finish and his cigarette caught a stack of beta tapes on fire. One of the volunteer firemen who came to his rescue was drummer robin jones. he was looking for a lead singer and they formed a band. When looking for a name they decided on the alpha band but thought that sounded pretentious so they randomly chose another greek letter--beta. thus the beta band.
  • Eiffel 65
    This Italian dance group had an obsession with computer technology, so they got a computer to randomly choose a word for their band name. It came up with "Eiffel". Then their producer or someone accidentally put the first two numbers of their phone number, 6 and 5, in front of the band name.
  • Einsturzende Neubaten
    German (lit. "Collapsing New Buildings) Strategic interaction against the oppression of architecture, buildings are opppression but when they fall they make music. Industrial music in response to the blank and featureless weimar-Bauhaus German post-war architekture.
    Dr Eagle